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BOARDWAY-Boudway-Boadway-Budway Family of Orono ME 1852- 
12/2022  adobe-pdf update of first 11 Generations

12.  Francis Xavier BOARDWAY (Francois Xavier 6, Francois 5, Joseph 4, Jacques 3, Jacques 2, Solon 1) was born on 9 Feb 1808 in Ste.Marie, Beauce, QC and died on 6 May 1887 in Orono, Penobscot, ME.

Francis married Marie Ann CROZIER, daughter of Thomas CROZIER and Marie Anne SLONE, on 6 Feb 1835 in Ste.Marie, Beauce, QC. Mary was born in Nov 1817 in England and died on 22 Mar 1884 in Orono, Penobscot, ME. They moved to Orono in 1852.

Children of Francois Beaudoin/Boardway & Marie-Anne Crozier [see their gravestones below] were:

           15         F   i.       M.-Malvina BEAUDOIN was born on 24 Dec 1835 in Ste Marie, Beauce, QC.

           16   M       ii.         Frank (Louis) Xavier BUDWAY was born on 27 Feb 1837 in Ste Marie, Beauce, QC and died on 12 Jul 1892 in Orono, Penobscot, ME at age 55.

                   M      iii.         Charles Francois BEAUDOIN was born on 17 Mar 1839 in Ste Marie, Beauce, QC and died in 1839.

           17   F       iv.         Eleonore Esther BEAUDOIN was born on 11 May 1841 in Ste Marie, Beauce, QC and died on 6 Apr 1910 in Orono, Penobscot, ME at age 68.

           18   F        v.         M.-Theoduline "Caroline" BEAUDOIN was born on 9 May 1843 in Ste Marie, Beauce, QC and died after 1876.

           19   M     vi.         Joseph Evariste BOADWAY was born on 18 May 1845 in St Francois, Beauce, QC and died on 25 Jul 1909 in Charleston, Penobscot, ME at age 64.  HIS OWN WEBPAGE COMING SOON

           20   M    vii.         John Marshall BOUDWAY was born on 15 Mar 1847 in St Francois, Beauce, QC and died on 13 Sep 1919 in Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME at age 72. HIS OWN WEBPAGE  new 4/4/11, updated with photos

                   M   viii.         George Thomas BEAUDOIN was born on 15 Mar 1847 in St Francois, Beauce, QC and died in 1847.

           21   M     ix.         Philip BOADWAY was born on 21 Feb 1849 in Forsythe, Frontenac, QC and died on 21 Feb 1927 in Charlotte, Washington, ME at age 78.

           22   F        x.         Celina Mary /Budway BEAUDOIN was born on 12 Feb 1851 in St Vital de Lambton, Frontenac, QC and died on 25 Aug 1916 in Waterville, Kennebec, ME at age 65.

           23   M     xi.         Peter BOUDWAY was born in Feb 1853 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died between 1910 - 1926. Help - anyone know what happened to him?

           24   F      xii.         Belzemire BOARDWAY was born in 1855 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and prob died before 1879.

           25   M   xiii.         Joseph Aldema BOUDWAY was born in Jan 1858 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died on 20 Jan 1927 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA at age 69.  
Click on his photo/sketch below. Send me some photos and he'll get his own webpage.

           26   M   xiv.         Axel BOARDWAY was born on 10 Nov 1860 in Orono, Penobscot, ME and died on 29 Nov 1919 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME at age 59.


   Hi Cousins. Here is how this all came about. I started my family tree research in 1980 asking my grandmother Marion Boudway Rhoades lots of questions. Then I went to the Maine State Archives to check vital records (VR) and census records.  After I had found all I could from my grandmother and VR and censuses, and finding her grandfather John Boudway's death certificate (d/c) listing his parents as Francis Boardway & Mary Ann Crozier, I went to the American Canadian Genealogy Society in Manchester NH and told them I was looking for a Quebec name 'Boardway'. The research librarian said "No you're not. You're looking for a name that got Americanized into Boardway." With just a little research through Quebec marriage registers, we soon found the marriage of Francois Xavier Beaudoin and Marie Anne Crozier [certificate below], and the marriage registers took us back one generation at a time to 1600.

   As time has permitted over the past 30 years I have talked with and corresponded with all the Boudways (et al) that I could find. I have lots of wonderful correspondence from the 1980s that would have been lost to history by now. I have been trying to fill in all the holes to compile a complete list of all descendants of the Boardways. I constantly find more as more records become available online. I have used Maine microfilm and record websites, Ancestry census records, Massachusetts records, SSDI (social security death index), and many others including with copies of old newspapers, which added a whole new family in March 2011 - more later.

   February 2011: One of my correspondents from the 1990s was Sharon Hitt in Texas. She had finally solved her family tree roadblock and told me and also contacted French-Canadian expert Bob Chenard in Waterville ME who had much more Quebec records to add dates and full names to the family tree, still being incorporated here. His "home" is the Taconnett Falls Genealogy Library in Winslow Maine. This 3-way correspondence also solved my Pooler line [John Boudway b 1847 md Mary Pooler], with Sharon being related to the Pooler line instead of the Boardway line; her ancestor just liked his Boardway cousins better so he changed his name to Leon Wellington Boardway! Email me for more on the Pooler branch.

   With my Boudway Genealogy nearly complete, I subscribed to which has copies of thousands of old newspapers. There I discovered a large family of Boudways over the past century in Northampton Mass. I had no idea how they might be related, but brothers Peter, Phillip, and Axel had brief visits to Northampton, so I figured there had to be some relation. I traced back to the oldest Boudway in town who turned out to be Joseph Aldema Boudway born 1858 and an old newspaper announcing his advancement to Chief of the Fire Dept told his story - he came to Northampton from Orono Maine in 1872 at age 14. His obituary, death certificate, and census records all confirmed that he was indeed the Adelman Boudway male 2 year old in the Orono 1860 census of Francis Boudway & Mary Ann Crozier. Because the 1870 census was in error calling him a 12-yr old female and there was no further record, I had assumed 'died young'. That is now corrected in this latest pdf update at the link above. Boudway cousins should email me for the latest copy with additional generations to present day. I am in the process of contacting Boudways who are still in town for more updates.

   April 2011:  Continuing to make great progress. Uploaded a new version of the Genealogy with many additions. I have finished copying articles out of the Northampton papers and incorporated them into my 4/17 update above. This will never be "done". Still waiting for some cousins to respond with their family updates. Trying to find time for work, also. I'm not really retired. And I'm supposed to be concentrating on Leavitts in preparation for our Leavitt Reunion in June.

    December 2012: I got  a nice phonecall from a Boudway cousin in Georgia who found my website and he will be sending me an update on his branch. Still waiting for updates from some other cousins.
I Posted my DNA results and analysis. Anxious to have my Boudway cousins test also, to see how and where on the dna strands we match. Prices continue to decrease. See:


I freely share my genealogy research, but ask that you NOT upload to any website that in turn sells that material on CD, or otherwise assumes that they have publishing rights. Thanks.


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  1992 photos (pre-digital)  
Gravestone of   Francis Boardway
Died May 6, 1887
AE 80 yrs. & 4 mos.

Riverside Catholic Cemetery, Rt 16, Orono ME
I should make another visit to read the verses there.

Gravestone of   Mary Ann (Crozier)
Wife of Francis Boardway
Died Mar 22, 1884
AE 66 yrs. 4 mos.

Riverside Catholic Cemetery, Rt 16, Orono ME

Marriage Certificate of Francois & Marie-Anne in Quebec 1983 Letters from Edgar Boadway about the family.

More Photos, Cemeteries of above families coming soon.