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Belmont Cemeteries:

Click on the photos for larger versions. Photos by Roland Rhoades 2010, 2012, 2013. If you wish to copy the photos for your personal use, copy the larger version.


See Waldo County Genweb page for more Belmont history, especially from Isabel Morse Maresh.

Belmont Cemeteries are also transcribed in Isabel's huge book, History of Belmont.

HILLSIDE CEMETERY, RT 3  -  N44.39909 x W69.12353  Just past Rt 131 heading east.
Moores lot enclosed by 4 granite posts, with links for a chain and cast iron gate.

Another ch in Hall's Corner Cem.

James C MOORES died Sept 5, 1889 AE 73 yrs 3 mos.
Father "A precious one from us has gone A voice from us is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which never again be filled; God, in His wisdom has recalled The boon His love had given. And though the body slumbers here The soul is safe in Heaven."
Jane [FLAGG] MOORES, wife, died Nov 20, 1893  AE 78 ys 6 ms 12 ds. [dau Isaac & Nancy]
Mother "Sweet is the sleep our mother takes Til in Christ Jesus she awakes. Then will her happy soul rejoice To hear her blessed Saviour's voice."
Jennie, wife of Charles H MITCHELL, & dau of James C & Jane MOORES, died Mar 8, 1890 AE 39 yrs 4 mos.
"Weep not for me my parents dear I am not dead but sleeping here. I was not yours, but God's alone. He loved me best and took me home. A light has from our household gone, A voice we loved is still, A place is vacant in our heart, That never can be filled."


reverse of Isaac Flagg stone

near end of west driveway

Orison C, son of James C & Jane MOORES, died Nov 22, 1880 AE 26 yrs 4 mos & 26 ds.
"Peaceful be thy silent slumber Peaceful in thy grave so low. Thou no more will join our number Thou no more our sorrows know. Yet again we hope to meet thee When the day of life is fled And in heaven with joy to greet thee Where no farewell tears are shed."
Isaac Alden FLAGG
Jan 27, 1856 - Jan 22, 1931
wife Mary Ella [GRADY]
Aug 6, 1854 - July 18, 1920
Feb 22, 1878 - Nov 21, 1936
Elizabeth Mae [FLAGG] (daughter of Isaac)
Jan 15, 1876 - Oct 20, 1952


Side 2 of HALL lot

Thomas Eben FLAGG
July 24, 1918 - June 19, 2009
March 1, 1925 - June 4, 2015
Eben HALL died Mar 22, 1887, aged 77 yrs 8 mos.
Mary [FLAGG] HALL died Nov 29, 1889 [b 1806, dau Isaac & Nancy]
"We were one in devotion to Him who loved us so, And we were ready and willing for His call to go."
Small lot with granite posts, with hooks for fence.
more coming    
    Walter McFarland and family
See my FLAGG & BRIGGS FAMILY HISTORIES on my homepage above.
PEASE CEMETERY, Lincolnville Road, South Belmont  -  N43.7399787 x W70.4535827  Traveling east, take rt on Rt 131 and immediately take the left at the fork for Lincolnville Rd 3.8 miles.
BARTLETT BRIGGS, Died Dec 16, 1866 AE 65 yrs.
SARAH [WHALEN], his wife Died Apr 2, 1879 AE 80 yrs 3 mos.
My GGGG-Grandparents (dau Hannah md Marcellus Flagg)
"He took to the land on the evergreen shore, Then no sighs neither tears shall be given, There we'll meet again when life labors are o'er, And the chain is made perfect in heaven."
their dau:

Jan 26, 1834 - Dec 22, 1910
Albina BRIGGS, his wife
Dec 23, 1837 - Feb 26, 1920

all 3 stones near to each other, left mid-rear.

their dau:

Isaac MEADER 1827-1863
Co E 8th Regt [Civil War]
wife Sarah E BRIGGS 1828-1897
Herbert MEADER 1860-1922
Charles H MEADER 1857-1943
wife Kate E KNOWLES 1864-1943

Oliver JACKSON died Nov 28, 1884, AE 84 yrs. (double white stone)
Selena [FLAGG] died June 19, 1884 AE 79 yrs.
"Death wings triumphant o'er mankind, Hope cheers the soul eternal bliss to find."  [see ch in Halls Corner Cem]
their son:

Taller old white stone
Andrew J JACKSON, died Nov 21, 1904, AE 67 yrs 7 mos.

their son: (black polished granite stone)

Jeremiah Alonzo JACKSON
Apr 20, 1834 - Oct 22, 1869


JACKSON lot, left rear of cemetery beside Jeremiah is this footstone S.F.B. - ??  
DAWSON Monument with 5 people incl William & Pauline. Rt rear of cemetery. William L DAWSON Sr
May 14, 1923 - June 4, 1993
June 16, 1924 - Oct 12, 2003
Fidelphus C FLAGG lot towards right rear of cem. Fidelphus C FLAGG [son of Marcellus & Hannah Briggs Flagg]
July 28, 1869 - Oct 16, 1929
Lillian Althea FLAGG, wooden cross still there, 2012 photo. b/d 27 July 1948, gdau of Fidelphus, dau of Rudolph.
Boy'd FLAGG, wooden cross still there, 2012 photo. b/d 31 July 1947, gdau of Fidelphus, dau of Rudolph. Lillian (FLAGG) DONNELL, wife of Herbert, 1903 - 1946. VFW Ladies Auxiliary Herbert M DONNELL, Maine Pvt Med Det 315 Ammo Train WWI
May 30, 1887 - July 3, 1955
FLAGG FAMILY CEMETERY, walk 250 paces up the former VanSickle Road, 200' in woods to left. Road impassable for decades. Nothing remains to even hint that this area was the Flagg Family farm. Steel posts; chains stolen decades ago. N44.37086 x W69.08155 
2012: Cellar hole of Flagg farmhouse is well hidden under bushes to the right of the cemetery and closer to the road. Well was between house and road, and cooper shop was between farm and cemetery close to road.
Isaac FLAGG, died Feb 21, 1856

2010: stone is broken and disintegrating.

Nancy [THOMPSON], wife of Isaac FLAGG, died Mar 6, 1867 AE 81 yrs 9 mos & 8 ds.
"Mother we love thee still."
Charles W, son of Micah & Emily FLAGG, died Apr 25, 1849 AEt 5 ys 7 ms.
"Farewell dear weeping friends, My rest is ...., O dearest ...... [4 lines, faint]"


Isaac's footstone


Nancy's footstone


Charles' footstone

Mildred Flagg (b 1925) remembers that Hepcybeth did have gravestone here similar to Ebenezer's. Not found in recent years.
Eben FLAGG died Oct 23, 1891, AE 82 yrs 11 mos Hepcybeth [HIGGINS] FLAGG
died Aug 10, 1895 [b May 30, 1817]
Isaac, son of Ebenezer & Hepcybeth FLAGG, died Feb 18, 1849 AEt 7 yrs
"This lovely bud so young and fun, Called hence by early doom, Just ........., In Paradise you'll bloom."
Orison C FLAGG, son of Ebenezer & Hepcybeth FLAGG, died Feb 23, 1849 AEt 4 ys 9 ms.
"Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade, Death came with friendly cart, The opening bud to heaven conveyeth[?], And bade it blossom there."
HALL'S CORNER CEMETERY  -  N44.37276 x W69.07500
History of Belmont p527: The cemetery is in the woods, 2 1/2 poles down the Power line, on the Northport side of the power lines, in the edge of the woods. Overgrown with trees and brush. There is a rumor in the section of Hall's Corner, that several years ago, the owners of a house, afterwards called "Flip-Tail Ranch", used some of the gravestones from the small cemetery to make a water drainage ditch. There may be stones under dirt and debris. 6 stones found. - Isabel & Bob Maresh late 1970s. 2012: Walking down the power lines from Northport road is impossible and swampy. Drive .45 miles on Northport Rd from corner of Halls Corner Rd to first large house. Getting permission (off-season) from this or the next house, go through the commercial blueberry fields behind the house and towards the power lines through fields until you reach a pathway into the woods. Cemetery is on the right, and the power lines are also visible.  2 slate, 4 marble stones.
Theodore CAREY died Apr 1, 1848 AE 40 yrs 7 mo.
"Words upon stone are idly spent, The living memory is the monument."
Also footstone T.C.
Susan, wife of Theodore CAREY, died Sept 27, 1853, AE 37 yrs 11 ms. John HALL Died Aug 4, 1838, Aged 47.  Slate stone with willows, stone embedded in trees 2012.
"Long shall thy memory be revered, By those who knew thy worth; By those to whom thou wast endeared, By strongest ties on earth."
Mary E, dau of Oliver & Selena (FLAGG) JACKSON, died June 25, 1841, AE 11 yrs 9 m.
Slate stone with an obelisk pictured.
Selena A, dau of Oliver & Selena (FLAGG) JACKSON, died Oct 20, 1863, AE 8 yrs 8 mos. Nancy Jane, daughter of James & Jane (FLAGG) MOORES, died Sept 4, 1849, AEt 21 ms.
"Sleep on, sweet babe, And take thy rest, Thou art early called, God's time is best."


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