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Benton Cemeteries:

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The man said, "God - do you really exist? Send me a sign." And a Butterfly landed on the man's shoulder, but the man just brushed it away.
I visited the graves of my ggg-grandparents in June 2011, for the first time in 25 years. I planted geraniums on the graves of Parmenas & Nancy Reynolds, and their grandchildren (my grandfather's aunts), ch of John & Nancy Reynolds Rhoades (see Winslow cemeteries for their graves). As soon as I got my camera out to take photos, a butterfly landed on them, one after the other as I was ready to take the photo. As far as I am concerned, that is a sign from above thanking me for still caring.
Parmenas Reynolds died Feb 25, 1862 AE 78 yrs. War of 1812.   [son of Thomas Reynolds & Tabitha Thayer]
Nancy (Simpson) Reynolds, wife died Feb 24, 1874 AE 85 yrs.
Inscription: "[ill...] partings in Heaven."  My ggg-grandparents
THOMAS REYNOLDS, 1762 Bridgewater MA - 1851 Winslow ME. No burial place found for him, but REV WAR statements say buried in Benton Cem.
Grandchildren of Parmenas & Nancy, and Children of John Bryant Rhoades & Nancy Reynolds (see Winslow Fort Hill Cem); see identification that was below ground. Phebe Ellen Rhoades d Aug 29 1848 aged 1yr 10ms. & Clarissa Bruce Rhoades Sept 4 1848 aged 3ys 8ms. Stone is right behind Parmenas & Nancy.
Jedediah Prebble Jr d July 4 1891,
AE 75yrs 6ms. Civil War
"Meet me in the better land."
Tabitha (Reynolds) Prebble, wife
1820-1903 "Gone to a better land."
Rufus R Reynolds 1830-1894
Civil War
Ellen C Simpson, wife of
Rufus R Reynolds 1833-1917
Thomas C Reynolds 1821-1864
Civil War.
Loana 1858-1876
dau of Thomas C & Roxanna Reynolds
Abram I Preble 1817- Sep 18 1887, AE 70 yrs. 4 mos.
maybe a brother of Jedediah Jr
Elizabeth T [Colby] wife of Abraham I., 1811- Oct 30 1893, AEt 82 yrs 6 mos.
"I will praise the name of God with a song."
D/C: d 30 Oct 1893 Belgrade age 82,10,15 wd, b unk to Henry Colby b Mt Vernon & Elizabeth Thing b Vienna.


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