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Parkman Cemeteries:

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PARKMAN CENTER CEMETERY behind Baptist Church Rt 152
Baptist Church, standing by Gilbert monument DRAKE Family stones Stephen Wilkins
died May 6 1857 AE 48
Gilbert Monument in right rear. Stephen C Gilbert Died May 5 1880 AE 65 ys.
Mehitable [Mason] his wife died May 22 1893 AE 77 ys.
Bailey Gilbert died June 1 1864 AE 71 yrs 2 ms 27 d.
Father of Stephen.
Mercy is actually Mercy Paine Fish; m1 Ebenezer Mason, descendant of Mayflower Richard Warren, m2 Job Dunham. Her dau used the family name on the stone, Mason.
Calvin C Gilbert died Nov 1 1860 AE 18 ys, son of Stephen Bailey Gilbert Died June 1 1864 AE 71ys; Sarah his wife died June 13 1879 AE 82ys.
MERCY MASON Died Mar 8 1876 AE 89ys.

PINGREE CEMETERY: only stone photographed is Nehemiah & Polly Drake Leavitt; see Cambridge Mt Pleasant Cemetery under Leavitts, and the website cemeteries.

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